15 oz - Petrichor and Gold Candle Sunburst

15 oz - Petrichor and Gold Candle Sunburst

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The Petrichor and Gold collaboration candle is handmade with porcelain and filled with 15 ounces of soy wax and scented with Oakmoss and Amber. 

About Olivia:

Petrichor (pet·ri·chor) means “the smell of the earth after the rain,” essentially the smell of clay, my chosen media, while gold references something of value, special. From these two words came the name and start to my business: Petrichor + Gold.

Most of my works’ inspiration comes from what I look for in my own home: simplicity, form, and function. I am always seeking balance in my life and thus my work: I want to make objects that are unique and simultaneously universal, that contain control and happenstance, and combine aesthetic value and functional purpose. I believe in curating the things we use with intention, and I believe in the power of objects -- that the mugs we use for our morning coffee can influence the moments we are living.