It all started when...

Rich and Clara Bailey met in the fall of 2008.  Fast forward eight years add a baby, a dog, two full time jobs and our plates were as full as ever! Once the baby started sleeping through the night we found ourselves energized again and started making candles in our kitchen. Many hours and versions of the candle later we have found the perfect recipe!  

We get all of our inspiration from walking around the Charleston streets. We look at beautiful aged concrete walls or driveways and want to make our candle like we pulled it straight from there. When you walk around you see beautiful homes, old walls with exposed brick and beautiful iron work. We really try to incorporate that into our designs.

About Our Candles

The glow and fragrance of a candle can truly have the power to enhance the atmosphere of any room. 

Each of our candles are thoughtfully designed and hand poured right in our studio. Our designs can create a touch of trendy industrial style to your home décor. The vessel will stay cool to the touch when lit, finished with a water-based seal and always filled with 100% domestically sourced soy wax with zero additives.

Our Philosophy

Renewable, Reusable, Reliable

We believe in the benefits to using 100% soy wax for burning candles. Our candles will produce zero toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it is better for your home and less likely to trigger allergies. As a renewable resource, it is biodegradable and water soluble which can be easier to clean after spills.

Our vessels are designed with reuse in mind. The possibilities are endless!

Quality and reliability is of utmost importance to us. We provide our customers with a pure, clean and chemical free experience for every purchase, sourcing nothing but premium ingredients all made in the USA.

Our Team:

Retail Sales Manager

                   Emma MacMillan

My name is Emma and I’m a part of the Mac in MacBailey! Nine times out of ten, if you’ve seen us at the City Market, you’ve seen me behind the table! When I’m not at the market you can find me reading, writing, performing with local theatre companies, or giving ghost tours downtown. If you want to see me get excited ask me about my favorite ghost stories around the peninsula! I love the smell of old books, Jasmine, and earl grey tea. My favorite MacBailey scents are Oakmoss and Amber, Olive, and Spring in the South (but secretly I love all of them). Come say hi to me at the market!